Conciere Medical Service

This is a Special Service of Palmetto Medical Group.

Concierge Services:  Integra WellCare

This is a special service of Palmetto Medical Group.

Palmetto Medical Group Providers

Palmetto Medical Group Providers

Integra WellCare is a membership services which is offered by PMG.

Monthly membership will provide additional services to our clients, which are traditionally not covered by Medicare or other private insurance.

  • Same day appointment (within 24 hours of next business day)
  • Direct access to provider
  • Executive Wellness visit once a year.
  • Two Additional Wellness consultations including Ayurvedic consultation, twice a year.
  • Special discount on other integrative modalities, i.e. Yoga, Message,
  • Telemedicine consultation: up to 3 times a year, during non-clinic hours

Monthly membership:

  • Basic: $150/month

Services as described

  • Plus plan: $250/month


  • Care Coordination
  • Home Visit: 2 times a year.
  • Telemed Consultations, once a month during non-clinic hours.


Conciere Medical Service
Conciere Medical Service

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